“The Law of God in the Old Testament” (Spiritual Jurisprudence – Lesson 2)
Spiritual Jurisprudence – “The Bible promises us a great battle in the last days. A battle between the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of the antichrist. The spirit of antichrist is already at work in the earth and its number one fruit is lawlessness. Jesus prophesied that before His return lawlessness would abound. But what does lawlessness look like? Where does the “law” come into play in preventing lawlessness? Is the New Testament believer totally free from all laws? Why does the Old Testament only have 613 commands when the New Testament has over 1000 commands? What is the nature of God’s Law and how does it apply to us today? This six lesson curriculum delves in the nature of God’s divine laws and how they apply to us today. Lesson titles include: What is Jurisprudence, The Law of God in the Old Testament, The Laws of God in the New Testament, Delivered from the Law?, Antinomianism and Lawlessness, What the Law Can and Can’t Do.