“Stewardship Defined” (Financial Stewardship – Lesson 1)
Financial Stewardship
There comes a time in every person’s life when they must master money if they desire to ever succeed and prosper.  Unfortunately, many Christians are lacking when it comes to financial stewardship and therefore never master money.  Jesus observed that the children of darkness are, in their generation, more wise than the children of light.  This should not be so.  These eight lessons are designed to train the believer to be a better steward over the finances the Lord sees fit to give them.  If we can be faithful over a little, God promised to make us ruler over much.  Lesson titles include: Stewardship Defined, Getting a Heart for Stewardship, Prodigality—Part 1 and 2, Austerity—Part 1 and 2, Contentment, and Your Desperate Need for a Budget.