“The Salvation of God: Man’s Fall and Redemption” (Christianity 101 – Lesson 4)
This set of 13 Lessons was designed as a “new members/new believers” class for our church. These lessons are used to give new Christians a crash course in the primary doctrines of the New Testament Church. This class is also designed to rapidly bring new church members up to speed with what we believe at Engrafted Word Church. Lesson titles include: The Authority of God’s Word; The Creation of Man and His Threefold Nature; The Salvation of God: Man’s Fall and Redemption; Sin, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Sanctification, The Church: What It Is and Why You Should Go!; The Fruit of the Spirit: The Testimony of a Christian; Evangelism and World Outreach; The Gifts of The Spirit; Communion: The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper; Tithes and Offerings; Diving Healing and Divine Health; The Doctrine of Baptisms; and The Rapture. As a bonus, there is a lesson on the history and vision of our local church.